Media Accreditation

Media accreditation form: FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Jūrmala. August 22 - 25, Jūrmala

Please read the accreditation form and terms of submission. An incorrectly submitted application form may cause delays in the processing of information.

  1. Please complete the media accreditation form using this form
  2. All applications from freelance media must be accompanied by a letter from the media organization you represent in the FIVB tournament. Please note that applications from supporters/fans and non-news media online sites will not be considered for accreditation.
  3. FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) and LVF (Latvian Volleyball Federation) have the right to approve or reject the application. Completing and submitting a media accreditation form does not guarantee accreditation.
  4. An application without an attached photo will not be considered for accreditation.
  5. Applicants will receive a written reply by e-mail regarding the status of the request for accreditation after the last day of submissions.
  6. The media accreditation pass must be kept by the applicant and must not be transferred to a third party.
  7. The official title of the event is "FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Jūrmala. August 22 - 25, Jūrmala" and must be used in all publications related to this event.
  8. Media accreditation is not granted to journalists on blogs, vlogs, and social media pages. Social media pages and private photo websites are not considered mass media.


    Ksenija Mirošņika

    Public Relations Consultant at Latvian Volleyball Federation

    T +371 28327243

    Riga, Latvia